White House Down: Another Emmerich’s creation attacking White House

Director Ronald Emmerich is again ready with his new project White House Down in which he depicts the White House being taken over by the terrorists and US Capitol Policeman John Cale sets himself on a thrilling action to shield President James Sawyer.

The movie is drafted keeping into consideration a common man who will rise to the occasion facing unavoidable events. To film the movie on the sets of White House itself is a marvelous experience because of the iconic importance it has in the history and action in which an ordinary man fights the global threat will catch the attraction of the huge crowd.

Emmerich has past memories with White House as he filmed the building in his previous films too. In Independence Day, the aliens had blown up White House whereas in 2012, aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy went through it. Reviving his old attachment with White House, the latest flick is another story which combines strong characters with unique narration to bring forth the action components.

Surprisingly it is funny but taking a look at the elements of his films, Emmerich has become master in destructing the renowned worldwide buildings in his movies with the fact that such demolishing scenes are never the important feature of the storytelling. Watch White House Down to find to what extent this film will ruin White House to.

Declaring it a global story, the project will even try to make the terrorist bodies aware of the truth that if they would ever think to take over the White House, they will have to come across the world’s biggest weapons armory that has the power to completely destroy the evil efforts.

For producer Vanderbilt, Emmerich was chosen to direct the project considering his capabilities to create a big and blasting movie by piling it up to a single location. For him it is the story that is first and foremost necessity including the emotional connections shared between the characters.

The reality comes to the characters in the Emmerich films from the fact that he puts a great attempt to understand the basics of the character. After realizing the requirements and details, he finally composes the character into reality, making him easily connect with the viewers.

The film is scheduled to release in US theatres on June 28, 2013 bringing to halt the long lasting wait of the Emmerich fans that are always positive about his work and hurry to the cinemas to entertain themselves with the fantastic cinematography piece of art that promises huge box-office success too. Download White House Down to be part of the flick that offers great action.

White House Down: A movie by heavily successful but criticized director

White House Down is a forthcoming action thriller from Columbia Pictures under the direction of Roland Emmerich. The German film director, screenwriter and producer has made several blockbuster movies like Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012.

Download White House Down to view the fantastic star Channing Tatum, US Capitol Police Officer who failed to get selected for the Secret Service fights a paramilitary group headed by Jason Clark to rescue the United States President, Jamie Foxx, in the White House while keeping his daughter safe.

The shooting of the film started in July 2012 at the La Cite Du Cinema in Canada. The screenwriter and one of the producers, James Vanderbilt was offered $ 3 million for his spec script which was referred to as one of the highest sales in the recent days.

A vast White House was recreated on a Montreal sound stage utilizing a lot of bucks and labor efforts. The set displays a great resemblance to the actual White House forcing people to praise the hard work that was applied for the marvelous creation.

The film that was to release on November 2, 2013 will be now releasing on June 28, 2013. It is certain that the flick will be compared with the already released Olympus Has Fallen which is also based on taking over White House. Notably the villains in OHS are North Koreans whereas WHD has domestic terrorists.

Being a project by Emmerich, the fans have big expectations from the movie. They are eager to see the final cinematic product in which the battle between the good and bad is real attraction.

Not to forget the earnings the Ronald films do at the box-office, they sound excited for the movie release date. Everyone related with the project is quite optimistic about the film being a prominent success of 2013. 

Although Emmerich’s work shows an enormous success yet he faces a lot of criticism for his movies banking entirely on visual effects while lacking scientific and historical facts, legitimate plot maturity, character deepness and conventional and firm narration.

Unaffected by such comments, Emmerich always try to make a project which has entertainment value with which the audience should feel satisfied and happy.Watch White House Down to see if the director wins to fulfill his promise of presenting a real amusement.

As an immense fan of Roland Emmerich, I will pray that the flick should be able to keep up its promises in terms of its direction, story and characters and be another milestone in his path.